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Basics Edit

  • man, woman, boy, girl, child,
  • apple, bread, water, milk, sandwich, rice
  • newspaper, book, menu

a man, an apple

I am a man and she is a woman.

I eat an apple.

She eats an apple.

I drink and I eat.

We read the newspaper.

woman --> women

man --> men

child --> children

the girls and the boys

I read the newspaper.

You read.

They are girls.

It is a book.

It is a man.

Expresions Edit

  • Bye! Hello! Thanks! No! Yes, thanks!
  • Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night! Goodbye!
  • Please! (I'am) sorry!

How are you? -- I am fine, thanks./ I am fine thank you.

She speaks.

Thanks! -- You are welcome!

My name is...

Meeting and greeting Edit

Do you speak English?

Yes, I speak English.

I don't understand. What did you say?

Pleased to meet you.

See you later. See you soon. See you tomorrow.

Food Edit

  • coffe, salt, sugar, pasta, egg, fish, tomato, chicken, wine, beer, soup, plate, juice, fruit, cheese, beef, oil, rice
  • breakfast, dinner,
  • apple, strawberry, orange, lemon

I am hungry.

She drinks coffee. We drink wine. I drink coffee.

He eats an orange. You eat chicken. I eat breakfast. I eat dinner.

The boy eats fruit. She eats beef. I eat pork.

I drink apple juice.

The boy is vegetarian.

Animals Edit

  • animal, dog, cat, bear, duck, elephant, bird, horse, mouse, crab, turtle, spider

mouse --> mice

We have a cat and a dog.

The horse drinks water.

The man has an elephant. The elephant eats an apple.

The duck eats rice.

Is it a bird?

You have a bird.

Plural Edit

mouse --> mice

The ducks drink water.

The birds eat rice.

The man eat sandwiches.

He reads the newspapers.

Possessives Edit

my book, your cat,

The cat drinks its water.

She is mine.

I am yours.

It is ours.

the girl's cat, the boy's dog

Is it yours?

The food is ours.

Taking a taxi Edit

  • taxi, taxi driver, bags, bill (referring to currency), fare, meter, receipt, suitcase
  • to the airport, to the center, to the station, to this address

Are you free? Can you take me to...? Please take me to... Keep the change.

I have two suitcases. These are my bags.

I need a receipt.

I'am in a hurry.

Why is it so much?

You can let me out here.

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